Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning EVERY DAY

It's easy to stay on top of household chores if you keep your eyes open. I make it a point to walk through each room of my house at least once a day, and, as I do, I pay careful attention to anything that might need a little sprucing up. This might be as simple as fluffing a pillow, straightening a bedspread or returning miscellaneous objects to their rightful spot. Keeping up daily might also require some light dusting of furniture and hardwood floors or organizing the refrigerator. You could find yourself in the laundry room and notice that your hard working washer and dryer need a bit of a wipe down. DO NOT PUT OFF DOING THESE MINI-JOBS. If you take care of it as you see it, you will be amazed at how much less you have to do all at once.

By the way, while some might think the little tidbits mentioned above fall under the category of "Spring Cleaning", they absolutely do not. True "Spring Cleaning" is reserved for big jobs, like painting a room, cleaning drapes, polishing silver, etc.

If you would find a "keep your eyes open as you travel room-by-room checklist" helpful, leave a comment and I'll work on putting one together. Organization brings peace.